Historic Buildings Surveys

Within the established period of significance (1876-1974), forty-nine buildings were also surveyed and recorded for the Campus Heritage Landscape Plan.  The survey forms used for the forty-nine buildings are similar to the forms in common use by the City of Eugene. 

All of these historic resources received rankings based on their historic significance and integrity, creating a hierarchy that allows for protection of the most important resources while allowing for needed new development. 

Historic Building Surveys

File Agate Group

          File Agate Hall

            File Agate House

Allen/Journalism Group

           Allen Hall


Beall Concert Hall - See Frohnmayer Music Building

Bean Complex

Carson Hall 

Cascade Group

            Cascade Annex East

            Cascade Annex West

Chapman Hall

Clinical Services

Collier House

Columbia Hall

Computing Center

Condon Hall

Earl/Straub Group

           Earl Hall

           Straub Hall

Education Group

           Education Annex

           Education East

           Education West

Erb Memorial Union (EMU)

Esslinger Hall

Fenton Hall

Friendly Hall

Frohnmayer Music Building

Gerlinger Annex

Gerlinger Hall

Gilbert Hall

Hamilton Hall

Hendricks Hall

Howe Field Gates, Associated Wall, and Fence

Huestis Hall

Johnson Hall

Klamath Hall

Knight Library

Lawrence Hall

McArthur Court

McKenzie Hall

Onyx Bridge

Oregon Hall

Pacific Hall

Peterson Hall

Prince Lucien Campbell Hall

Robinson Theater

Schnitzer Museum of Art

Susan Campbell Hall

Tree Tops

University Hall (formerly Deady Hall)

University Health Center

Villard Hall


Walton Hall Complex