GO Certification Process

Green Office Certification is intended to inform administrative offices on campus about programs available and about commonly accepted best practices that allign with existing campus-wide strategies and plans. To that end, the GO Scorecard is comprehensive and does take some effort and commitment to complete. Certified offices have told us that they made changes to how the office operates and that the process helped educate office members to make simple changes that can have a significant impact over time.  

Step 1: Attend a lunch information session. The next orientation lunch will be held on Friday, December 3rd from 12:00 - 1:30 pm. To register, email Cimmeron Gillespie at cimmeron@uoregon.edu.

Step 2: Fill out the GO Scorecard and compile the required documentation.

Step 3: Email GO Scorecard and supporting materials to Cimmeron Gillespie, cimmeron@uoregon.edu.

Step 4: The Office of Sustainability will collect the Scorecards and review them in a batch. We will contact the offices to verify a number of items to validate the Scorecard. 

Step 5: The top scoring office will have their certificate delivered by a special visit from UO leadership during the week of Earthweek in April. All other certificates will be delivered that same week and offices will receive an icon to proudly display their certification on their webpage.