Campus Planning


Straub Hall


Campus Planning guides the planning and design of campus to accommodate growth and change
while preserving its heritage and enriching environments that support the university's
mission of teaching, research and public service.

We are stewards of the legacy we have inherited and will leave to others.

We aspire to work collaboratively to create an exceptional and special campus experience through the physical campus environment.  To that end, we will:

  • protect and continue the legacy we have inherited;
  • engage all participants in a meaningful way;
  • communicate in a collaborative, clear, and timely manner;
  • create places that benefit the entire campus as well as the individual project;
  • plan for future opportunities while accommodating present needs;
  • meet or exceed established standards and best practices; and
  • create a desire in participants to help us strive for our vision and work with us again.


Campus Planning and Development Guidelines

  • Preserving the integrity of the campus by maintaining and administering the university's Campus Plan.
  • Guiding future development to ensure sufficient capacity exists for future growth.
  • Advising the Campus Planning Committee and coordinating its activities.
  • Reviewing all proposals that affect the appearance of the campus to determine proper approval processes and consistency with the Campus Plan.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, administrative rules, codes, and standards governing campus development.
  • Representing the university to the city and state on matters relating to campus development.
  • Managing community and transportation planning efforts including land use analysis, application coordination, and community relations.
  • Coordinating historic preservation planning activities and requirements.

Real Estate Management

  • Working with university partners to identify lease and acquisition options that meet the university's mission and future growth needs.
  • Managing lease negotiations, contract requirements, and renewals.

Space Use and Needs Analyses

  • Helping campus units find space solutions.
  • Maintaining a space inventory and utilization database (UO Spaces).
  • Providing space-use data as a basis on which to formulate the university's Facilities and Administrative Cost rate.
  • Informing decisions about allocation of spaces, facilities needs, and program planning.
  • Analyzing space allocation proposals.