If you are looking to purchase furniture, the expertise of Design and Construction's Interior Designer is available to assist you in selecting furniture that is appropriate to meet the functionality you desire. Additionally we make sure that ADA requirements are being met, that you are provided information associated with the quality of the varying products on the market, and that you have a clear understanding of the warranties available for products. Our expertise is available to you to ensure you get the overall quality assurance you are looking for when buying furniture.

Our Interior Designer has the expertise to assist with selection of specific products as well as look at layout options that you might want to consider for resolving a furnishing need. That same expertise is available to help you with choices associated with color, patterns and material qualities. If you are looking at furniture design and layout please submit a request on the Project Initiation Form.

If you are simply looking to order basic furniture, and are not looking to include any work such as assistance with layout, materials or colors, we have set up a direct connection for furniture procurement. will provide you a direct connection with the Campus Planning and Facilities Management professionals who can assist you with furniture procurement as well as providing expertise as to when your furniture purchase may trigger a requirement to pay BOLI prevailing wages to those supplying your furniture.

For more information, please contact:

Alison Hake
Design & Construction