Energy Management

Energy Management serves the various roles of utility billing, regulatory compliance, and key performance indicator analysis.

UO Energy Management Program

Program Overview

The primary goal of the UO Energy Management Program (Program) is to drive down costs and risk associated production, delivery and use of steam, chilled water, electricity, and other utilities, and to support University management with utility related data products.  The program is managed by the Energy Manager under supervision of the Director of Utilities and Energy.  Progressive expansion and coordination of strategic energy management across all UO campuses and facilities is planned. 

Each year the University places a portion of energy cost savings from previously implemented projects into the ERF.  This kind of financial participation is essential to the effectiveness of the strategic approach to energy management, further discussed in Section 3.6, which is the foundation of the Program. 

The Energy Management Team promotes coordination of these energy management activities with partners across the institution. 

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