Energy Use Data


UO operates Academic, research, housing and related facilities at several sites.  For the purposes of energy management, facilities are grouped into two site categories:

  • UO Core Eugene Campus consisting of about 60 significant buildings.  Total building area is about 6.5 million square feet (sf).  The Core Eugene Campus is the original site established and occupied for the purpose of providing education associated with the present organization.  This campus contains a significant number of old and historical buildings which present a variety of unusual operational, maintenance and energy management challenges.
  • Other distributed facilities, consisting of about 40 buildings of various sizes and uses.

A combination of utility meters and campus sub-meters are used as the basis for energy sub-metering, benchmarking, estimating savings and monitoring progress.  Some gaps have historically existed in the campus utility sub-metering systems that have resulted in some uncertainty about distribution of energy use across campus facilities.  Efforts are under way to substantially close these gaps and improve the quality of utility usage data available to the Energy Management Program and its customers. 

The table below provides summary of FY19 UO Core Eugene Campus energy use.

UO Annual Energy Use Summary FY19 Table

Aggregate Core Eugene Campus energy use intensity (EIU) is about 105kBtu/sf-yr. which suggests a moderate potential for cost effective energy use reduction exists across the Campus.


The following two graphs show electric, chilled water and steam (resp.) consumption from years 2011-2019 with projections to 2025.  For Utility Load Projections, please use side bar to left under Energy Use Data.

UO Annual Campus Electric Consumption

UO Annual Campus Chilled Water and Steam Consumption

NOTE:  the preceding information are excerpts from the University's Strategic Energy Management Plan document available HERE.