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UO Surplus Furniture

For University of Oregon Campus Community


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Surplus Program for UO Faculty, Staff, and Departments

Spring Term open hours:
Tuesday 2-4pm,
Wednesday 12-1:30pm, 
 OR by appointment - please email: uosurplus@uoregon.edu 

Please come with your campus ID.
NOTE on Student IDs: To realease UO Surplus items to individuals with student IDs requires written departmental permission to surplus before hand - this includes graduate students. If your department would like a student or graduate employee to pick up a reserved item or search the inventory during open hours on your behalf please have a staff member email uosurplus@uoregon.edu ahead of time to notify surplus you are authorizing the individual to pick up state property on behalf of your department. 

You can reach surplus at the Office of Sustainability Helpline: 541-999-4173

 Curious about public sales? Find information here

The Office of Sustainability manages UO’s surplus furniture program. All items are free of charge to UO faculty and staff. At this time, UO's surplus is only available to university faculty and staff except for scheduled public sales

Reservation Steps:

  • Step 1: Browse inventory and reserve items.
    • Only reserve items that you are seriously considering for your UO space!
    • Once you collect your items, you may reserve more.  
  • Step 2: Within 10 calendar days of the date of your reservation,  pick up your item(s) or schedule a delivery through Work Control: (541) 346-2319 or via Call LogWAREHOUSE HOURS AND LOCATION BELOW.
    • Note: reservations will be canceled after 10 days if not picked up or scheduled for delivery. To release unwanted items, email uosurplus@uoregon.edu.
    • If you visit the surplus room and decide an item you reserved will not work for your space, please tell the Sustainability staff member on hand and they will return it to the inventory. 

COVID-19 Note: UO Surplus furniture is meant for on-campus use. However, during the pandemic members of the UO community are able to acquire furniture for use in home offices but items must be returned to your on-campus office or back to UO Surplus after pandemic contingencies end. Items are UO property and resale is strictly prohibited.

Location and Hours for Item Pick-Up: Tuesdays and Fridays, 12:30-1:30pm. Pick up from the UO Surplus entry at the south side of the Romania Warehouse, access from 15th Avenue and Orchard StreetPlease reserve your items online before visiting the UO Surplus warehouse.

Map showing surplus access point on south side of Romania Warehouse, off 15th Avenue and Orchard Street in Eugene, Oregon



  1. Post items to surplus.uoregon.edu for at least 10 days to see if any staff want to take the item(s) from you directly. 
  2. No takers? Donate items to the Sustainability Office's UO Surplus Furniture program in the following ways:
    1. Create a work ticket with Work Control via Call Log or phone at (541) 346-2319 OR
    2. Email uosurplus@uoregon.edu to schedule a furniture drop-off during surplus open hours
    3. Please note: Items brought to the Surplus Furniture warehouse will be assessed for quality and usability and may be refused.