Small and Medium Project Information

Small to medium construction projects involve the building of a new campus asset or improving/modifying a current campus asset. This includes:

  1. Any modification within or addition to a building that results from a change in programmatic need from a department, researcher, staff member, etc.
  2. Relocation of walls, doors, windows, etc. within an existing building.
  3. Replacing finishes within a building driven by a change desired/needed by a department. This would include, paint, flooring, ceilings, etc.
  4. Any addition to or modification of a utility related system, including heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, Audio/Visual, etc.
  5. The attachment of anything larger/heavier than an average sized picture to the physical structure of a campus building. This would include wall shelves, televisions, projection screens, etc.
  6. Replacement of failed or damaged building systems that require significant engineering or re-design to provide a long term serviceable product.
  7. Any project that requires the services of an Architect, Engineer or Interior Designer.
  8. Any project that requires a building permit.

To initiate a small to medium-sized project, please submit information via the Project Initiation Form and a Design and Construction staff member will contact you regarding your request.