Sustainability Open Houses



Sustainability Open Houses bring together staff, faculty, and students to share their work furthering sustainability at University of Oregon. These quarterly meetings foster collaboration between faculty and staff, build community, and support campus as a living lab. 

Seeding Campus, Growing Sustainability

Faculty and students have amazing research and learning opportunities embedded right here, within the operations and maintenance of the mini-city that is the University of Oregon. Staff in all areas of the institution have a role to play in student success. But these two groups often have trouble finding each other and growing the kinds of mutually-beneficial collaborations that use the campus itself as a vibrant learning laboratory. Sustainability Open Houses bring together stakeholders from across campus to share work and spark ideas that lead to collaborations and cross-pollinations between academics and operations, learning and working.

Questions? Want to be added to the mailing list? Want to present at an upcoming open house? Contact Sarah Stoeckl, Assistant Director, Office of Sustainability at or 541-346-3489

Open House Speakers

Sustainability Open House

  • When: Friday May 19 10:00am-11:30am
  • Where: EMU 104 - Coquille Room

​​​​​​Each micro-presentation will also include a short period for questions from the audience. After the presentations, attendees will have the chance to chat with the speakers and other attendees. Masks are welcome but not required.

Light refreshments provided!

    Spring 2023 Speakers

    • Steve Mital, Office of Sustainability and Thermal Transition Team
    • Kory Russel, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies
    • Bird Society, student group
    • Barbara Muraca, Philosophy and Environmental Studies
    • Alethea Steingisser and Joanna Merson, InfoGraphics Lab and PNW Just Futures Institute - The Atlas of Essential Work

    Winter 2023 Speakers

    • Abigail Gravatt, Student Sustainability Center Spring Conference
    • Rosalee Clanton and Jane Brubaker, UO Grounds team, Sustainability upgrades to UO landscaping
    • Danny Pimentel, School of Journalism and Communications, Virtual reality and climate change
    • Grey Pierce, Digital Accessibility Architect, Equity and access in virtual options for sustainability
    • Lillian Moses, University Housing, LEED design of UO residence halls
    • David Reesor and Josh Kashinksky, Transportation Services, E-bike share program
    • Yesenia Hunter, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies, post-doctoral research

    Fall 2022 Speakers

    • Adell Amos, Environment Initiative
    • Katie Staton, UO Longhouse
    • Jessie Gardner, PIELC
    • Max Arquilevich, Citizen's Climate Lobby intern
    • Leigh Johnson and Troy Brundidge, wildfires and incarcerated laborers research
    • Ella Meloy and Graham Yotsuya, Sustainability Leadership and Engagement Program 
    • Elly Vandegrift, Global Works International Internship

                  Spring 2022 Speakers

                  • Cimmeron Gillespie, Campus Waste Audits with Office of Sustainability
                  • Hollie Smith, SOJC Faculty and Researcher, Science journalism and environmental communications
                  • Patrick McMurdo, GEO Study Abroad and Sustainability
                  • Ashia Ajani, PhD student in English
                  • Michael Geffel, Professor of Practice, School of Architecture and Environment

                                Winter 2022 Speakers

                                • Paul Kempler, Associate Director - Oregon Center for Electrochemistry
                                • Tim Winder, Custodial Services Manager
                                • Taylor McHolm, Riley O'Connell, and Libby Mackin, Student Sustainability Center
                                • Lauren Hallett, Biology and Environmental Studies
                                • Abigail Leeder, Intertwined

                                            Fall 2021 Speakers

                                            • Aris Hall, Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center
                                            • Sarah Wald, English and Environmental Studies
                                            • Courtney Kaltenbach and Bryce Crumpston, Climate Justice League
                                            • Julie Voelker-Morris, Common Reading
                                            • Tom Driscoll, Dining Services

                                                        Spring 2021 Speakers

                                                        • John Arroyo, PNW Just Future Institute
                                                        • Mark Carey, researcher and ENVS department chair
                                                        • Sarah Stoeckl, Sustainability Fellows Program
                                                        • Jane Brubaker, Native plants and pollinators on campus
                                                        • Matthew Katz, Outdoor Program’s “Redefining Outdoorsy” program

                                                                Winter 2021 Speakers

                                                                • Mike Russo and Ryan Cabinte, Sustainable Business Minor
                                                                • Steve Mital and Cimmeron Gillespie, Sustainability Data Dashboard
                                                                • Emily Eliza Scott, current research, History of Art and Environmental Studies
                                                                • Grace Honeywell, Global Leadership Challenge
                                                                • Ceili Cornelius, Envision magazine

                                                                      Fall 2020 Speakers

                                                                      • Megan Sweeney and the 2021 planning team, Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC)
                                                                      • Debbie Sharp, VPFA Admin Internship Program
                                                                      • Abigail Gravatt and Payton Lagomarsino, Redefining Menstruation Student Team
                                                                      • Robyn Hathcock and Steve Mital, UO's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) Score and our "Path the Platinum"
                                                                      • Dakota MacColl, The Duck Nest's Climate Council for students

                                                                          Spring 2020 Speakers

                                                                          • Taylor McHolm, Student Sustainability Center
                                                                          • Autumn Ellison, Year of Water project
                                                                          • Cheyenne Holliday and Katie Moreland, Oregon Water Futures project
                                                                          • Aaron Olsen, Campus Planning
                                                                          • Steve Mital, Office of Sustainability
                                                                          • Brendan Adamczyk, Climate Justice League
                                                                          • Sarah Stapleton, Faculty in the College of Education

                                                                            Winter 2020 Speakers

                                                                            • Greg Shabram and Grant Baldwin, Purchasing and Contracting Services
                                                                            • David Reesor, Transporation Services
                                                                            • Alexandra Rempel, Faculty in Architecture and Environmental Studies
                                                                            • Donny Addison, Waste Management and the Zero Waste Program
                                                                            • Darin Dehle, Design and Construction
                                                                            • Megan Banks, Sustainable Cities Year Program