Lease Management

Services provided by the Lease Management Team include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage lease requirements between Landlord and University of Oregon for all off-campus properties;
  • Manage all leased buildings located off-campus;
  • Conduct inspections at all off-campus leased buildings;
  • Record and track lease expiration dates;
  • Communicate with University of Oregon tenants regarding building notices by using Campus Planning and Facilities Management notification system;
  • Provide tenant orientations and building rules at all leased off-campus buildings;
  • Property reporting and coordination of university financial requirements;
  • Responsible for communication with owners of leased properties for tenant requests, and repairs and maintenance needs;
  • Process real property tax exemption applications for leased off-campus locations;
  • Collaborate with University of Oregon departments regarding construction, repairs, and renovations for leased properties; and,
  • Adhere to Real Property, Space Use and Facilities Planning Policy for record keeping

For questions regarding off-campus leased space, please contact:

Melinda Seeley

Real Estate and Leasing Manager

(541) 346-5550