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Working Toward UO's Next Climate Action Plan

We are now developing CAP 3 which will integrate emissions reduction projects studied in CAP 2.  

The Thermal Heating System Transition study identified options for transitioning the University of Oregon's Eugene campus away from its existing fossil-fuel dependent system. 

UO's Design and Construction commissioned the engineering firm Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) with conceptualizing options for a campus-wide low carbon heating system.  Design and Construction  then commissioned Burns and McDonnell to further develop AEI's concepts and produce detailed cost estimates and construction timelines.  Given the complexity, the UO also convened a task force in fall 2022 to study the options, communicate with the campus community, and make a recommendation to the president as to which path the university should take.


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 Thermal Study Task Force Recommendation:

The engineering firms and task force have completed their work and submitted final presentations and reports to President Karl Scholz on February 5, 2024.  Links to the reports are below:


 We will continue to update these pages as more information becomes available and progress is made. Questions? Contact Office of Sustainability director Steve Mital,