Request Drawings and Specifications

Our archiving staff manages the diverse construction documentation resulting from construction, remodeling, renovations, room renumbering or other projects that may take place on campus. Documents include digital drawings, permit sets, project files, operations and maintenance manuals, drawings, contract specifications, fiscal records, maps, photos, surveys, studies, alteration drawings, topo maps, master plans, bookplans and bookplan index redlines, and deleted and obsolete buildings. Our staff coordinates with University departments, facilities services personnel, consultants, engineers, and construction firms to ensure that the latest and most accurate project information is maintained and available. Procedures and policy are created to control and protect the integrity of this information, and state records retention standards are followed prior to disposition of records.

In addition to gathering and maintaining documents, the department makes records available to campus entities, students, governmental agencies, and outside vendors. The department provides advice and guidance to users, trains them in the retrieval of documents, and may charge fees when applicable.  Please fill out a Drawings & Specifications Request Form to request documents. Please note that only UO affiliated students, project architects, consultants, and construction staff can gain access to our documents, if you would like to make a public request for records please contact the Office of Public Records.