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The office of Design and Construction encourages contractors and consultants to complete the process below to be eligible to bid on projects, which involves two steps:  1. Creating a vendor account with UO’s Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) department.  2. Applying for Design and Construction’s retainer contract program.  Additionally, we invite businesses to present their work product at our Project Development Team meetings. 

Step 1_Create a Vendor Record

Note:  Creating a Vendor Account allows you to be notified about potential bidding opportunities, but it is not an application to the retainer program, which is step 2 below. 

Access the Purchasing Portal, select vendor login and create a new account. Using the commodity codes listed below, indicate which services your business performs; you will receive automated notifications when those bid opportunities are posted. 

Architectural/Engineering Services

906 – Architectural Services, Professional
915 – Communications and Media Related Services (Telecommunications, A/V, Security Consulting, etc.)
918 – Consulting Services (All non-Architectural / Engineering Services)
925 – Engineering Services, Professional
926 – Environmental and Ecological Services (For Asbestos, Lead Paint, and Mold Consulting and Monitoring)
992 – Testing and Calibration Services (Surveying, Geotechnical, Test and Balance, Inspection, etc.)

Construction Services

910 – Building Maintenance, Installation, and Repairs
912 – Construction Services, General
926 – Environmental and Ecological Services (For Asbestos, Mold, or Lead Paint Abatement)


Step 2_Apply for Retainer Contract

On the PCS Business Opportunities site, apply for either Construction or Consultant Services (architecture and design). 

Note: For these two retainer contracts, the instructions for submission are contained within the documents, therefore there is not a Submit a Proposal button.   

Scroll to the bottom of the Open Business Opportunities.  Select either:

  • UO Retainer Program – Consulting Services – Extended Period
  • UO Retainer Program – Construction Services - Extended Period

Submit all required information.  If you have questions or need assistance with the retainer program email

Meet the Project Development Team

Project Development Team (PDT) presentations are an opportunity for contractors and consultants to highlight work product with our team of owner’s representatives, project managers, designers, and project engineering staff.  We encourage historically underrepresented owners to introduce their business to our team.

PDT presentations book out four to six months out.  Please contact Wanita Tiburcio to reserve the next available presentation time.

Wanita Tiburcio
Project Coordinator