Historic Preservation

One of the many defining features of the University of Oregon's campus environment is its rich collection of historic buildings, landscapes, structures, and objects spanning its Deady Hall 125+ year history. These historic resources are physical records of their time, place, and use. They represent the cultural heritage of the local community, the state, and the nation. When characteristic features of these historic resources are lost, their integrity and ability to tell the story of our past is destroyed, and the defining character of the campus is diminished.

Campus Planning is committed to balancing the needs of an evolving university while preserving and rehabilitating identified historic resources as required by federal, state, and city regulations. Guidance for effective processes, outlooks, and actions throughout the development of the University of Oregon are paramount - so that the university's unique heritage and a sense of cohesiveness, is not inadvertently lost.

For more information about the UO historic preservation policies, see Principle 7 - Architectural Style and Historic Preservation in the Campus Plan.


For more information about historic preservation services, please contact:

Liz Thorstenson
Planning Associate