UO Spaces - Building Space Inventory

Campus Planning staff manage UO Spaces, the university's building space inventory. As the primary source of current space allocation and utilization information, it contains information on how much space the university has, what kind of space it is, to whom it is assigned, and how it is being used. Each department on campus has an appointed Space Coordinator responsible for entering and updating the UO Spaces database.

The UO Spaces database meets Federal requirements related to accurate tracking of all spaces under the university's control and is an essential component in formulating the university's Facilities and Administrative Costs rate.

Additionally, the data inform decisions related to the allocation of space, facilities needs, and academic and program planning. Data analysis helps the university assess whether sufficient facility resources in such categories as classrooms, labs, residence halls, and administrative support are available to fulfill the university's mission.

How can I find out what spaces are assigned to our department or unit?

University employees wanting to obtain read-only access to their unit's data may submit an access request form found on the UO Spaces home page. Other space data questions can be directed to Marie Swarringim.

FY21 Year-end UO Spaces Inventory Reports

UO Building Space Inventory

  1.  Buildings by Name
  2.  Buildings by Number
  3.  NSF-GSF by Building
  4.  NSF by Functional Use
  5.  NSF by Type Code
  6.  Buildings NSF by Unit
  7.  Buildings NSF by Function
  8.  Units ASF by Department
  9.  ASF Occupied by Unit
  10.  Unit ASF by Building
  11.  Unit ASF Occupied by Building
  12.  Total NSF Occupied by Unit
  13.  NSF by Building Occupied
  14.  ASF Occupied by Use
  15.  ASF by Unit
  16.  Buildings by Classification
  17.  Buildings Ownership Detail

For information related to UO Spaces, please contact:

Marie Swarringim
Space Management Analyst