Moving furniture, or people and their furniture can range from a very simple task to a complicated effort that takes a very well-orchestrated and coordinated team.

Campus Planning and Facilities Management has the staff and ability to address small moves on campus. The team responsible for assisting with moves is also responsible for setting up for every event that occurs on campus, so they are very busy and can often times be difficult to schedule. They like to use a general rule that centers on a “2 in 4” rule. If 2 staff members can move your stuff in 4 hours, then it is a project that they can assist you with (for example: an office or two with an average amount of furniture and personal items would qualify). Due to the large number of campus events that they are committed to set up on a weekly basis, any move that exceeds this rule generates a larger moving effort than what they expect they will be able to provide in a timely fashion without compromising their ability to set up for events.

To initiate a small scale move through Campus Planning and Facilities Management please contact Work Control at: 541-346-2319 or at 

Design and Construction has staff trained in managing nearly any kind of project, which includes the moving of staff and their furniture, equipment, etc. from one place to another. For these larger moves, we will contract with a moving company that specializes in having the right equipment and the appropriate training to safely move items from one place to another. We will assist you in establishing a scope of work, getting an estimate, and procuring and contracting for the required services to help with your move. This type of move should be initiated on the Project Initiation Form.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Hanson
Move Coordinator & Project Manager