Campus Design Standards

The Campus Design Standards are established to generate a consistent approach to designing and constructing buildings on the University of Oregon campus. These standards emphasize the importance of Life Cycle Costs and Maintenance Reliability over time. The University anticipates each of the buildings it constructs will be occupied for at least 100 years. We are targeting a building quality that will endure this test of time.

In 2019, the majority of these Campus Design Standards were updated and any subsequent changes are noted in the revision history.   Note: Standards that are "under review" will be posted as they become available. 

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Design Review Requirements - Under Review  
Division 1 - General Requirements  Division 21 - Fire Suppression - Under Review
Division 2 - Site Construction  Division 22 - Plumbing 
Division 3 - Concrete  Division 23 - Mechanical 
Division 4 - Masonry  Division 25 - Integrated Automation - Under Review
Division 5 - Metals  Division 26 - Electrical 
Divsion 6 - Woods & Plastics  Divsion 27 - Communications
Division 7 - Thermal & Moisture Protection  Division 28 - Electronic Safety & Security - Under Review
Division 8 - Openings  Division 31 - Earthwork - Under Review
Division 9 - Finishes  - Under Review Division 32 - Exterior Improvements 
Division 10 - Specialites  Division 33 - Utilities - Under Review
Division 11 - Equipment - Under Review  
Division 12 - Furnishings   
Division 13 - Special Construction - Under Review  
Division 14 - Conveying Equipment - Under Review  
Communications and IT Closets  
Construction Overstock Room   
Custodial Closets   
Electrical Rooms  
Laboratories - Under Review  
Lactation / Nursing / Wellness Rooms   
Loading Docks & Service Areas   
Mechanical Rooms   
Network Communications Design  
Public & Circulation Spaces - Under Review  
Room Numbering Guide   
Stairways & Stairwells - Under Review  
Toilet Rooms   
Zero Waste/Recycling  

If you would like to give feedback, share thoughts, or suggest modifications to our Campus Design Standards, please contact us at

All submissions will be reviewed for incorporation by the appropriate staff responsible for managing those related sections of our Design Standards. If we have any questions, or need clarification regarding your recommendations, we will contact you. Thank you for your submission.