2010 to 2014 Student Sustainability Award Winners

Prior to 2015 the university only offered an award to a student on campus, who had made a significant contribution to sustainability on campus. In 2015, we expanded the program to recognize faculty and staff on campus as well. UO is fortunate to have a highly engaged, informed student body. Many students join clubs and gain great experiences, but some students go above and beyond. The Office of Sustainability recognized these students through the annual Student Leadership Award. Launched in 2010, the award was given to one outstanding student per year who had worked to promote sustainability on- and off-campus. Learn a little bit about past winners below.

2014 - Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis

In addition to coordinating river and beach clean-ups for the Outdoor Program, Laughton is also a budding environmental leader. He created BicyCLEAN, an event which in 2014 brought together 40 volunteers to remove three cubic yards of trash from dozens of miles of Eugene’s biking paths.

2012 - Emma Newman

Emma was an instrumental student organizer for campus sustainability issues from early on in her college career, serving in active leadership roles in the Climate Justice League, the Sierra Student Coalition, and the Cascade Climate Network.

2011 - Maneesh Arora

Maneesh made good use of his time on campus, serving as student body Vice President, managing environmental campaigns and helping educate local elementary students about renewable energy through the Environmental Leadership Program.

2010 - Sara Quinn

Sara earned recognition for her active role in campus social justice and environmental issues. She co-founded the UO Real Food Project, which focused on promoting sustainable food practices and supporting local farmers.

*No student sustainability award was granted for 2013