Accounting & Contracting



The Office of Design and Construction processes and manages all of the contracts for campus associated with Consulting Services that are associated with any function related to the Design or Construction of spaces or buildings on campus. All contracts for actual Construction work being performed within, on or around campus buildings are also processed through Design and Construction. Purchasing and Contracting Services does not process contracts associated with these services; they will be sent over to Design and Construction after being analyzed by Purchasing and Contracting Services. This may cause a delay to the initiation of your project. Please contact Design and Construction first as we are equipped with the staff and expertise to help you move your project forward in an efficient manner.

For more inforation, please contact:

Shelly Knight
Contract Specialist




Accounts Payable staff process payments for construction work on behalf of the University of Oregon.

Things to include on your invoice:

Note: When submitting electronic invoices it is not necessary to mail a duplicate copy.

For more information, please contact:

Kara Moaratty
Accounts Payable
What to include with an inquiry about a bill:
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice amount
  • Contract number