Contracting & Invoicing Forms



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Contract Specialist



Things to include on your invoice:
Note: When submitting electronic invoices it is not necessary to mail a duplicate copy.

    Accounts Payable Forms:

    For more information, please contact:

    Kara Moaratty
    Accounts Payable
    Things to include with a billing inquiry:
    - Invoice number, date, and amount.
    - Contract number.

    Bureau of Labor and Industries (boli)


    The University of Oregon, as an entity of the State of Oregon is required to follow the Prevailing Wage Laws established by the State of Oregon and managed by the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). The majority of the construction work performed on the UO campus is done under the contractual obligation to pay prevailing wages to the employees working on those projects. For your convenience we have provided the following links to the BOLI website in order to provide you quick access to prevailing wage rate information as well as access to documents that you are required to turn in as part of performing work on our campus.

    BOLI / Certified Payroll Forms, Instructions, and Contacts

    BOLI Prevailing Wage Rates