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Photo of handmade cloth masks
Photo of handmade masks provided by Cheryl Brewer, Eugene area retired nurse and organizer of PPE relief efforts for local healthcare providers
Sustaining Community

I want to help!

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) presents an unprecedented challenge to our community.

Let's join together to help where we can.

The Initiative

What? A grassroots effort to address urgent needs in our community and beyond. We are organizing donations of crucial handmade masks and professionally produced personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline medical professionals.

Who? You!

  • Do you have gloves, masks, or medical gowns to donate? Can you make them? 
  • Would you be willing to help with pick ups and deliveries of donations? Do you have access to a car?
  • Are you able and willing to make calls or texts, urging dentists, building trades companies, tattoo artists, and others to donate their PPE resources?

When? As soon as possible. Tell us who you are and how you want to contribute.

 I want to help!

Frequently asked questions

For Donators

What materials are you looking for?

  • Masks (professionally-made surgical masks, N95 respirators, and homemade surgical masks), medical-grade gloves, and medical gowns. 

I can sew! What should homemade masks look like? What should they be made out of?

How should I handle my donated materials?

  • Always handle materials with freshly-washed hands and clean, disinfected workspaces. Put any materials your are donating in a Ziploc-style plastic bag or clean box. If you are currently ill with COVID-19 symptons, please do not donate. We will update as needed or more information becomes available.

Where do I drop-off materials?

  • You have a couple of options for where to donate. First, you can request a pick up from your home by completing the short form here and we will deliver to the healthcare facilities and healthcare workers (specific delivery locations change frequently according to needs). Just complete the form each time you need a pick up and we will send a volunteer by the next day during the week, Monday-Friday. If you make the request on Saturday or Sunday, we will send a volunteer driver on Monday.
  • Second, you can drop off donations on your own at the following locations. We are updating these details as circumstances change. For now:
    • Lane County
      •  Lane County is currently accepting donated handmade face covers in addition to professionally manufactured materials. Lane County nows has two drop off locations including one in Florence. Please refer to the Lane County website for the most up to donation information, including locations and drop off times.
    • Peter DeFazio's Eugene office: 222 E 11th Avenue
      • Drop off is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the mail slot in the front door. Please note that the packages will need to be fairly thin (less than two inches) to fit through the slot.

Photo of mail drop at Defazio's office

For Drivers

How should I act to protect myself and the community when picking up and dropping off donated materials?

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with warm water or use hand sanitizer before going to pick up donations. If you have hand sanitizer, we recommend carrying it with you and using it both before and immediately following pick-ups, and again after you drop off the materials. Your hand sanitizer should be alcohol-based at 60-90% and allow it to dry on your hands completely before handling any materials. If you are currently ill with COVID-19 symptons, please do not volunteer. We will update as needed or more information becomes available.


How is the University of Oregon responding to the crisis?

Where can I find information about guidelines, requirements, and the status of the outbreak?

More to come!

About the Office of Sustainability



Office of Sustainability




Our mission is to lead the integration of sustainability into the University of Oregon's operations, curriculum, co-curriculum, research and engagement with the community. We accomplish this through a number of programs and partnerships that: 

  • Provide strategic advice, information and resources to faculty, staff and students working to integrate sustainability practices and policies into their programming;
  • Develop policies that promote environmentally-sensitive behavior by campus users and responsible development and stewardship of campus assets;
  • Create, implement and manage innovative programs and events, in partnership with other campus units whenever possible;
  • Establish metrics and track institutional sustainability performance;
  • Share the University's sustainability story and encourage the campus community to support the growth and success of sustainable practices.