Archived Reports

2008 University of Oregon Food Report

This report was prepared by four second-year graduate students in Environmental Studies at UO, to aid Dining Services in its ongoing transition to a more sustainable food system.
A project of the Environmental Leadership Program, this comprehensive assessment examines the degree to which campus activities, institutional commitment, and infrastructure reduce the campus footprint and encourage progress toward sustainability.
In 2006, the UO Office of Public Safety contracted with Lockwood Research to conduct a telephone survey with UO students to measure their awareness and attitudes regarding transportation, parking issues, and willingness to use alternative transportation.
In February 2005, a random survey of 404 UO faculty and staff on their form of transport to and from the UO was conducted by the Oregon Survey Research Lab, to answer questions on the means of transportation and use of parking on campus, knowledge of alternative programs, and the likelihood of their taking advantage of such programs and incentives.
Based on Good Company's Sustainable Pathways Toolkit. Performed in 2002, this is a review of the University of Oregon's advancement towards a sustainable campus.