Impact Investing Pitch Competition

Impact Investing Pitch Competition

In Spring 2017, the UO Foundation investment team hosted a competition for UO students. Here we have archived the announcement for the competition. Note that the competition has now passed.


The application for the competition is available here.

On April 28, 2017, the University of Oregon will host a forum entitled Ethical Endowments: Investing in the Age of Climate Change. As part of this forum, we will hold a competition for UO students to develop and present ideas for impact investments for consideration by the UO Foundation investment team. Students may work individually or as a team of up to 3. Full competition details are available below and in the Intent to Compete form.

Please read the information on this page, and register by downloading and returning the Intent to Compete Form by MARCH 3, 2017 to .

Why participate?

Pitch Experience: Gain experience in constructing and delivering a pitch. Receive valuable feedback on your work from experienced business students and directly from the University of Oregon Foundation.

Make a Difference: Want to change the world with your ideas? This is a unique opportunity to present directly to representatives of a major foundation with millions in assets.

Fun Way to Build Your Resume: A low-stress environment in which you can hone your skills and boost your resume. Work with friends and classmates to create a compelling presentation.


What is the Foundation looking for?

Ideas: No need to show up with a professional investment plan- what we want are your great investable ideas, big or small! Show us something creative that pushes the envelope.

Social and Environmental Impact: The UO foundation knows how to invest, but is always looking for interesting ideas that can both do good for us all while doing well for our donors.

How will entries be judged?

Four Categories:

Relevancy: In what ways does your idea help combat the issues associated with climate change?

Thoughtfulness: How much consideration has been given to your concept? Does it appear to have investable attributes?

Feasibility: Is your idea practical? Are you aware of others who are already doing something similar that gives you a sense that your idea could be implemented.

Impact: How much social and environmental good can be generated from your investment idea? Does your concept solve a real, tangible problem?

So, how do I win?


We will be selecting 4-5 winning individuals/teams to present their ideas at the Ethical Endowments forum on April 28.

Public Recognition: All presenters at the forum will receive mention and brief write-up on the UO Foundation’s website.

Private Recognition: Should your idea be selected you will be asked to come talk in greater detail about your idea to the Foundation’s investment team. You will also be provided with a letter of commendation by the Foundation’s Chief Investment Officer.


March 3 – Deadline for submission of Intent to Compete (1 page) to

March – Assisting competitors in proposal development

April 14 – Deadline for submission of Pitch Deck (<10 slides) and 1 page Brief

April 19 – Decisions on who will present

April 19-28 – Coaching finalists in presentation development/practice

April 28 – Forum and Presentations