Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID-19 Pandemic

How are COVID-19 and physical distancing requirements affecting the ARC?

University of Oregon will prioritize the physical health and safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors during the pandemic. Find out more on the university's COVID-19 page or by contacting UO Housing for questions specifically related to move-in and residence hall protocols and plans. The Environmental Leaders ARC director is working closely with University Housing and other stakeholders as plans are made for the residence halls and student life on campus in academic year 2020-21. 

How is COVID-19 affecting move-in and the orientation trip experience?

Move-in day for the Environmental Leaders ARC has been changed to a staggered model to comply with UO requirements for COVID-19 testing and physical distance during move-in week. The orientation will occur primarily online, via Zoom, beginning at 5pm on Friday 9/25, all day on Saturday 9/26, and optional, small group, in-town excursions the afternoon on Sunday 9/27. Because of physical-distancing requirements, we are not able to travel out of the area so students will stay in the dorm rooms during the orientation.


How do I sign up?

First, apply for university housing and select "ARC - Environmental Leaders" in the "Community Preferences" section. Then, fill out the Supplemental Application page which will show up at the end of your housing application. We'll be in contact with you soon about your application. 

What does it cost? 

This year, no cost. Due to the changed orientation plans, we will not be charging a fee for the ARC this year. This change has no effect on the cost of UO Housing or the Housing Application fee required by the University of Oregon for all students living in University housing. 

Can I join ARC and enroll in a First-Year Interest Group (FIG)?

Yes. Unless the specific course times of a particular FIG and ARC conflict, students may participate in both programs. If they do conflict, please drop the FIG.

Can I go on the orientation trip if I'm not part of Environmental Leaders ARC? 

No. The Environmental Leaders ARC is designed to be an immersive sustainability experience that begins with this orientation experience. 

I can’t arrive on campus until after Wednesday September 23 . . .? 

All Environmental Leaders ARC residents need to move in between the designated move-in hours and attend the orientation activities.

Orientation Trip - NOTE: The information in italics below is out-of-date for 2020 and the rest remains accurate. The orientation experience will now take place on campus/online and students will stay in their rooms in Justice Bean Hall

Where will we be sleeping during the trip?

At a group campsite

Will I get my first choice of orientation engagements?

Opportunities will fill on a first-come, first-served basis. As programs fill, we will let you know which ones are still available.

What if I'm in the Honors College or Oregon Marching Band or have other on-campus requirements during the trip? 

We are usually able to accommodate students who need to return to campus for a portion of the orientation to meet other requirements. Students will still need to pay the full cost of the trip fee. It is challenging to be part of this ARC and in Oregon Marching Band. Please contact both Sarah Stoeckl and the coordinator for OMB to discuss.

How physically rigorous is the orientation trip?

Each program incorporates physical activity that should be considered beginning to moderate. We plan breaks throughout the day to balance the biking, hiking, or harvesting. Exercise leading up to the program is encouraged, not just to prepare for the orientation trip, but for healthy and sustained well-being throughout your life. Send an email to Sarah Stoeckl (sstoeckl@uoregon.edu) if you have further questions about trip logistics or if you require accommodation.

What if I have a food allergy, am vegan, or have other dietary needs?

Sarah Stoeckl will be emailing you over the summer to get all sorts of information, including this. We’ll definitely accommodate you! (Be sure to check your email regularly...)

What if I need to cancel attending the trip?

You can cancel attending the trip and withdraw from the ARC up to 30 days before the trips (this year that's August 22, 2020). After 30 days, you will still be charged for the trip even if you are unable to attend. If you need to make an unplanned return to your on-campus room during the trip, you will be charged the regular UO Housing fee for those room nights in addition to the trip fees. If you have an emergency situation arise, please contact program manager Sarah Stoeckl, sstoeckl@uoregon.edu.

I don’t have a sleeping bag or a backpack!

A limited supply of backpacks, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and other gear--including rain clothing and hiking boots--is available. If you need to borrow one of these items, please call the University of Oregon Outdoor Program to reserve the items you need.

I wasn’t planning on bringing a bike to campus. Can I still do the biking options?

Yes! The UO rents bikes to students for this activity and our staff take care of all the bike rental arrangements. (Psst: you can also rent a bike for the whole term through the Peace Health rides project).


Do I have to take the ENVS 203 course and UGST 112, the Environmental Leaders ARC course?

Yes, these courses are all required of Environmental Leaders ARC students.  

What if there's a scheduling conflict with a course that's required for something else?

For the most part, these situations are rare. It is a requirement of being in this ARC that you take all of the required courses throughout your first year at the UO. If there are conflicts we will work with you to figure out a solution on a case-by-case basis.


What if I want to share a room with a person who isn’t registered for the Environmental Leaders ARC?

Only Environmental Leaders students will live in that section of Justice Bean hall. If you have a preferred roommate, we recommed that they should apply to be part of the Environmental Leaders ARC too! 

What types of rooms are there in Justice Bean Hall? 

Justice Bean Hall is newly-renovated and has double rooms available for ARC students. For more information, including the costs of each room type, see the housing website

Where is Justice Bean Hall? 

Justice Bean Hall is located on the east side of campus, near Matthew Knight Arena. It's centrally located, within a 5-10 minute walk from most everything on campus. 


Don't see the answer you're looking for? Email Sarah Stoeckl at sstoeckl@uoregon.edu