Environmental Leaders ARC - Required Courses


UGST 112: TOPICS in the Environmental Leaders ARC  

Students in the Environmental Leaders ARC will complete a special topics course crafted specifically for the EL ARC. This 4-credit hour course spans three quarters (2 credit hours in Fall, 1 in Winter, and 1 in Spring).

Description: Our urgent and complex environmental problems require interdisciplinary solutions and the expertise of policy makers, artists, scientists, business leaders, educators, designers, planners, farmers, activists, and more. How will you make a difference? In this course, we will explore some of the innovative ways that people are addressing a variety of environmental issues. You will become familiar with the many opportunities to engage with environmental issues through academic and extracurricular opportunities at UO, as well as consider your own interests.

ENVS 203: Introduction to Environmental Studies—Humanities

Students in the Environmental Leaders ARC will also complete an introductory environmental studies course together in fall quarter. This gives you the opportunity to take classes with friends who have shared interests and lets you help one another throughout the term. The course is comprised of a large lecture and a discussion section that meets each week. Environmental Leaders ARC students will be together for both the lecture and the corresponding discussion section. The courses will enhance what you've learned in the field, and many of the courses also feature additional field work and engage with the community through service projects relevant to course material.

Description: The way we think about the environment changes our perceptions of it and our commitments to it. In this course, you'll engage the humanities' contribution to Environmental Studies, learning how literature, history, philosophy and art can help produce understandings of the natural world and humanity's ethical relationship to it. The course fulfills 4 general education credits in Arts & Letters and is required for Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors and Environmental Leaders ARC participants.  

These courses fulfill basic general education requirements (Arts and Letters and Social Science) at the University of Oregon, so you do not need to major or minor in Environmental Studies or Science to benefit.