Thermal Systems Transition Study Task Force

The UO Thermal Systems Task Force is responsible for reviewing the UO’s thermal heating infrastructure and recommending how best to reduce the system’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The task force will consider potential infrastructure scenarios in light of new Oregon emissions regulations, analyze these scenarios, and recommend an action plan to the President in February of 2024 and a presentation to the Board of Trustees at their March 2024 meeting.

The task force is commissioned with the following responsibilities:

  • REVIEW. The task force will examine technical studies ( including the Thermal Systems Transition Study) and the regulatory and market structures affecting UO’s GHG emissions. Task force members will identify what additional analysis is required to inform decisions about UO’s campus thermal system infrastructure.
  • COMMUNICATION. The task force will inform the University community about feasible options for UO’s future campus-wide thermal heating system. The task force will share information and incorporate public input when recommending options to the President.
  • RECOMMENDATION. The task force will recommend a long-term plan for reconfiguring the UO’s heating infrastructure. This recommendation will be in alignment with the University’s values and reflect its responsibility to be a good steward of resources over the long term.

As the Thermal Systems Task Force undertakes these processes, it seeks to balance the following considerations:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Assessment of technical feasibility risk
  • The resilience of campus heat production to market and natural hazards
  • Limited disruption to the student campus experience
  • Maintenance of appropriate fiscal stewardship


The task force recommendation will be submitted to President Karl Scholz the week of February 5, 2024 and published at that time.