Thermal Systems Transition Study Task Force Members

The Thermal Systems Task Force includes stakeholders from throughout the University community, including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, administrators, Board members, and staff. Task Force facilitators are Steve Mital, Director of Energy and Sustainability, and Brian Fox, Associate Vice President for Budget, Financial Analysis and Data Analytics.

Thermal Systems Task Force members:

  • Andrew Coskey ASUO Director of Advocacy
  • Brendan Adamczyk, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management graduate student
  • Brian Fox, Associate Vice President for Budget, Financial Analysis and Data Analytics (Facilitator)
  • Carol Keese, Vice President of University Communications and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Cass Moseley, Vice Provost for Academic Operations and Strategy
  • Darin Dehle, Director of Capital Construction
  • Erin Moore, Department of Architecture, Associate Director, Environmental Studies Program
  • Finn Jacobson, ASUO Executive Vice President
  • Greg Dotson, Associate Professor, School of Law
  • Jamie Moffitt, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jesse Williams, Treasury Analyst
  • Lillian Moses, Board Member
  • Marcia Aaron, Board Member
  • Mike Harwood, Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities Management
  • Paul Kemplar, Research Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Oregon Center for Electrochemistry
  • Rachel Withers, ASUO Sustainability Officer
  • Steve Mital, Director of Sustainability (Facilitator)