Civil War Energy Bowl

The Civil War Energy Bowl is an annual event pitting the UO Ducks against our nearby rivals Oregon State University (OSU) Beavers. The competition, sponsored by the UO Office of Sustainability and the Department of PE & Recreation, takes place the week before ‘the Civil War’ football game.

To win, students and staff must produce the greatest amount of energy on their school’s elliptical machines. This graph shows the 2012 results. Over the five days of the competition, UO students and staff generated 21,600 watt-hours of energy compared to OSU’s 20,000 watt-hours. Together, both schools generated enough energy to power an average US home for a day and a half. The challenge garners local media attention every year. The 2013 Sustainability Survey revealed that the Civil War Energy Bowl was the Office of Sustainability initiative with which students are most familiar.