Recycling and Waste

A female and male student stand in a dumpster and show broken down cardboard as part of campus recycling part of

Recycling and Waste at UO


Campus Race to Zero Waste

Each year, University of Oregon competes with Oregon State University as well as campuses around the country in the Campus Race to Zero Waste. In 2022 we participated in the "one building challenge" specifically, targeted efforts at improving recycling through education in residence hall Kalapuya Ilihi. By the end of the month-long challenge we saw improvement in both cardboard and commingled recyling the hall! The next challenge will be in winter quarter 2023.


Ways to Get Involved with Recycling and Waste Reduction at the UO

  • Questions about where to put materials? Call or text a question, with or without an attached picture, to the help line: 541-999-4173
  • Check out the Zero Waste Program for recycling guidelines, student jobs, tours, historical information, and more.
  • Connect with the Student Sustainability Center in the EMU for free used water bottles (and other items such as office supplies, clothes, and more) as well as to connect with various student groups.
  • PDF iconExplore the quiz answers in more detail.
  • There are some uncommon materials not covered in the video that can be recycled. Contact Zero Waste for what to do with the following items:
    • Surplus furniture
    • Styrofoam block (not sponge)
    • Packing peanuts
    • E-waste ( anything that uses electricity)
    • Certain reusable chemicals
    • Yard Debris
    • Batteries
    • Aerosols
    • Sterno cans
    • Scrap wood
    • Scrap metal
    • Donatable personal items