2024 Electrical Testing Day

University of Oregon Annual Electrical Testing Day 

August 7, 2024

The University of Oregon maintains a highly sophisticated and redundant electrical power generation and distribution system.  To ensure critical components work properly, CPFM staff need to test equipment annually.  The most important procedure we test is ability to smoothly transition into “island mode.”  Island moding requires simultaneously severing the connection to the grid and generating power on-site without any measurable disruption, especially to highly sensitive research equipment on campus.  We also need to completely shut off power to specific buildings in order to test and replace breakers and other important equipment.  These proactive tests help prevent unplanned power disruptions and provide important safety training for utilities and building electricians.  

Utilities and Energy staff spend months planning these annual shut-downs in order to reduce downtime and related inconveniences to our campus users.  Please see the 2024 Shut-Down schedule below. 

If you have questions, complaints, or suggestions for improvement please send them to Steve Mital, Director of Utilities and Energy at smital@uoregon.edu.  We will respond.

Island Mode Testing

Potential impacts to campus users:  Lights may flicker, IT equipment may require rebooting. 
Lead: Rick Tabor - Associate Director, Utilities and Energy 

Testing Schedule:

0800 – Start island mode
0815 – Exit island mode
0830 – Start island mode
O845 – Exit island mode

0900 – Start island mode
0915 – Exit island mode
0930 – Start island mode
0945 – Exit island mode

1000 – Start island mode
1015 – Exit island mode
1030 - Start island mode
1045 – Exit island mode

1100 – Start island mode
1115 – Exit island mode
1130 – Start island mode
1145 – Exit island mode

1200 – Start island mode
12:15 - Exit island mode
1230 - Start island mode
1245 - Exit island mode

1:00 - Start island mode
1:15 - Exit island mode
1:30 - Start island mode
1:45 - Exit island mode

2:00 - Start island mode
2:15 - Exit island mode
2:30 – Start island mode
2:45 - Exit island mode

3:00 All clear message sent via Work Control

Building Level Testing

Impacts to Campus Users: Buildings listed below will be without power for 60-90 minutes 
Rob Berg - Electrical Supervisor, Facilities Services

Testing Schedule: 

8:00-9:30 am                   CPFM Compound (Bldg 130, 136, Lockshop, Wilkinson House, Quonsets)
10:00-11:30 am               Many Nations Longhouse - Full power outage
12:30-1:30 pm                Deschutes Hall - Full power outage
1:30-3:00 pm                   Ford Alumni Center - Standby fire/life safety will stay on


Work to be performed:

Breaker testing and repair
Electrical system repairs
Transfer switch test and repairs
Arc flash hazard study data gathering
Programmable Logic updates
Replace inoperative equipment
Re-torque main lugs