2017 Sustainability Award Winners

2017 Campus Design Award
Division of Student Life

File Data Macroinvertebrates Millrace vs. AB Park slough

2017 Student Leadership Award
Nicole Zavoshy - Undergraduate Student in Biology  

File lylejoanna_paper_macroinvertebrates_millrace_vs_ab_park_slough.pdf

2017 Town and Gown Award
Sustainable City Year Program

File lylejoanna_paper_macroinvertebrates_millrace_vs_ab_park_slough.pdf

2017 Athletics Award
Ray Widmar - Athletic Department, Custodial Maintenance Coordinator 

File Talk Macroinvertebrates Millrace vs. AB Park slough

2017 Excellence in Teaching Award
Stephen Wooten - Department of International Studies and Direcotr of the UO Food Studies Program

File Paper Sedimentological Analysis Millrace

2017 Campus Operations Award 
Mike Eldredge - Safety and Risk Services; Adam Jones - Safety and Risk Services; Mo Soleimani - Campus Planning and Facilities Management; Alex Koleber - Campus Planning and Facilities Management

File Data Sedimentological Analysis Millrace