Vendor Registration Portal

Use the Purchasing Portal hosted by Purchasing and Contracting Services, as well as the commodity codes listed below, to build and maintain a Vendor Record for your firm. Indicating commodity codes on your Vendor Record will cause your firm to receive automatic emails from our posting site when a project is advertised within one of the codes you have selected.

Note: Creating a Vendor Record allows you to be notified about potential bidding opportunities, but it is not an application to the retainer program, which is available on the Business Opportunities page.

Architectural/Engineering Services
906 – Architectural Services, Professional
915 – Communications and Media Related Services (Telecommunications, A/V, Security Consulting, etc.)
918 – Consulting Services (All non-Architectural / Engineering Services)
925 – Engineering Services, Professional
926 – Environmental and Ecological Services (For Asbestos, Lead Paint, and Mold Consulting and Monitoring)
992 – Testing and Calibration Services (Surveying, Geotechnical, Test and Balance, Inspection, etc.)
Construction Services
910 – Building Maintenance, Installation, and Repairs
912 – Construction Services, General
926 – Environmental and Ecological Services (For Asbestos, Mold, or Lead Paint Abatement)


Vendor Registration Portal:
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