Community for Environmental Leaders (CEL)

The Community for Environmental Leaders (CEL)is a community for students who understand the importance of environmental sustainability and want to work proactively on solutions to the challenges of our time. In CEL, you’ll engage with student and community leaders to explore sustainability and make steps towards a healthier planet. CEL is made up of three key areas, all focused on environmental issues:academics; off-campus exploration; and residential life. Blending these three components fosters a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life on Earth, and it gives environmental leaders a sense of place in Eugene.


Orientation Trips Courses FAQs 



Before the school year begins, you'll camp, hike and/or bike with other students in the CEL. The trips explore environmental issues like transportation, food systems and the natural environments of Oregon. Trips meet the week before school starts, so you'll start classes with new friends that share your commitment to environmental issues. 


Enter the classroom with your cohort to explore and consider complex environmental problems. Together, CEL residents complete the Environmental Studies core sequence (ENVS 201, 202, 203). These courses satisfy general education requirements and specific Environmental Studies and Science requirements. CEL students will take part in unique discussion sections that tie academics to the local community and beyond.


Living alongside other students dedicated to environmental causes, you'll build a strong community of enviornmental leaders. This makes it easy to study for classes, grab meals, plan adventures or just hang out.