2022 Sustainability Awards Nominations

The following 2022 Sustainability Awards are now open for nominations.

Excellence in Teaching - Teaching Engagement Program (TEP), through the Office fo the Provost

The University of Oregon has earned a national reputation for integrating the topic of sustainability into academics, research, building design, and day-to-day operations. Sustainability has become a widely shared institutional value. It is time once again to recognize and celebrate our many achievements at the University of Oregon’s Sustainability Awards Program.TEP invites applications for the Excellence in Teaching Award.This award is open to career and tenure-related faculty. Candidates for this award have developed pedagogy and curriculum that reinforce and advance principles of sustainability through course design and instruction. Nominations due by March 4th, Learn more and nominate yourself or a colleague.

How are the award winners selected?

Each of the Sustainability Awards is sponsored by a different office or department on campus, and each sponsor decides how to select their winners. Some awards, like the ones listed on this page, have an open nomination process and some are selected through other means. Direct any questions about the awards to Sarah Stoeckl, Sustainability program manager, sstoeckl@uoregon.edu.


Student Leadership - Student Sustainability Center

Each year, the Student Sustainability Center awards the Student Sustainability Award to a graduate student and an undergraduate student.

The award recognizes a student’s/s’ work that advances sustainability at the UO or in the broader UO-community. It should go beyond their normal academic requirements and academic excellence, and demonstrate exceptional work for co-curricular or extra-curricular work that advances the causes of environmental vitality, economic development, and/or social equity.

Previous winners have included students working to address food security, green design innovations, student organizers that pushed the UO’s Climate Action Policy, and a green chemist who discovered synergistic toxicity effects in nanoparticles.

To nominate a student or with any questions, please reach out to Taylor McHolm (tmcholm@uoregon.edu). Essentially, any student (or group of students) that you think “Wow. That’s impressive,” should/could win. Any student(s) whose work is worthy of attention and celebration on a grander scale would be great. Nominations due by February 7th.

Sustainable Campus - Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration

Since 2020, the VPFA has been sponsoring a comprehensive, university-wide award: the Sustainable Campus Award. This award recognizes an employee or team for the introduction of a sustainability best practice into their department or unit’s day-to-day work or their service to campus. The 2020 inaugural recipients of this award was the UO Catering team, and the 2021 award went to Transportation Services. According to Sarah Stoeckl, Office of Sustainability Program Manager, “For the purpose of these awards, the definition of "sustainability" is expansive rather than prescriptive. The ‘three-legged stool’ metaphor may be helpful, which often translates to ‘environment, equity, and economy’ or ‘planet, people, and profits’.”  

Please consider nominating someone from within your portfolio for this award and/or sharing this opportunity with your leadership team. All employees whose work supports the university’s administration or operations are eligible. People may also self-nominate. Nominations are due by 5pm, Friday, February 4. Nominations gathered through this simple nomination/application form.

Research and Innovation Awards - Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation is seeking nominations for individuals or research teams for the UO Sustainability Awards. This award program aims to recognize individuals whose contributions deepen our culture of sustainability across a range of institutional activities. The OVPRI sponsors 2 of the Sustainability Awards: one for research and scholarship, and one for innovation and impact. Award recipients will receive $500 in research funds ($1000 will be provided to a team), and will also be featured in a video produced by the Office of Sustainability. Nominations due by February 11th. Learn more and nominate yourself or a colleague.