Capital Plan and Capital Budget Request Process

Projects are initiated through two avenues primarily. The first is to engage Campus Planning staff, where they will look at the basic needs of your project. The early aspects of developing these types of projects involve the verification of your programmatic needs, your budget in comparison to your program, and the potential for siting options within the framework of the Campus Plan. A set of meetings with Campus Planning staff will result in a report establishing data about your project that includes a rough program, anticipated budget and some siting options diagramed in a report that you can use to make decisions.

The second option is a bi-annual Space Needs Assessment which is initiated by the Space Advisory Group in an effort to identify functional and operational needs of the Colleges, Departments and Administrative units and align them with big picture missions of the overall University. This effort is the initial element of the process that leads to some Large Capital projects being submitted to the Board, and Legislature for approval or funding.