GRO Certification Program

The Office of the VPFA receives their Platinum award from Pres. Schill.

For decades, decentralized programs have emerged to help offices green their practices. The Office of Sustainability developed the Green Resilient Office (GRO) Certification Program to unite these efforts under a common framework that recognizes University of Oregon offices that:

• Adopt best practices
• Commit to reducing impacts
• Measure their performance

The GRO Scorecard tracks office sustainability across seven categories including: prerequisites, energy, materials management, purchasing, transportation, events, and disaster preparedness. Offices are awarded a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level certification by completing and submitting a scorecard. 

The GRO program is creating a network of office champions who are actively reducing the environmental impacts of their work and workplaces. The Office of Sustainability wants to have 70 campus offices certified by the end of the 2017-18 school year. The Office of the VPFA (shown above) earned the highest score in 2017 and was presented their certificate by President Schill. 

Certification Process

GRO Certified Offices (2016 and beyond)
GO Certified Offices (Green Office (GO) was updated in 2015 to add Resiliency.)

Download the File FileGreen Resilient Office Scorecard!